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Painting? Aftermarket Bumpers and FMIC


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So I'd like to install a Liberal Albero bumper next spring, and of course it would need to be painted (at the shop that will also fix all my paint chips :mad:).


I was planning on holding off on an FMIC till fall, or possibly spring, 2009. However, I want to know from those who've gone this route: does it make more sense to do both at the same time? I'm trying to get an idea of any additional costs or inconveniences that I shoulder consider in my planning.


According to taskforcefreddy, the AVO FMIC and Liberal Albero bumper are a good fit, but I'm sure there is some "massaging" necessary.

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Plan A: install the new bumper now. Get it painted, etc. Mount it, smile at it, drive with it. Then install the FMIC, and trim the bumper while you're at it. Drawback: you get to take the bumper off your car twice.


Plan B: install the FMIC first, trim the current bumper to fit. Drive with it a while. Then swap bumpers, and trim the new one too. Drawback: you get to pull/replace the bumper twice, and do the bumper trimming step twice.


Plan C: Swap both at once. Drawback: you can't enjoy the bumper for a while first. But you don't have to do any work twice. This would get my vote, because I'm the lazy sort.

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