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outer shoulder wear on Outback?


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Outback front/rear camber: +0.67/-0.16 degrees

Legacy front/rear camber: -0.25/-0.67 degrees


(according to 2005 vacation pix)


That would certainly contribute to the issue with more positive/less negative camber (wheels leaning outward more) compared to Legacy.



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We've been able to get -0.7 deg front on our '05 LOB, and there is still some outer wear.

Toe is 0.05 in.

06LOB2.5i MT, JDMRSB, GYTTs, HPS, LGT Mufflers & Leather Wheel, SubiMomo Knob, Inalfa Moonroof, Clutch Switch Bypass, DeDRLd, DeChimed, & Straight Headrest.
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I have an '05 Outback XT manual and have noticed since I bought it 3+ years ago that the outer shoulders of my tires are wearing much more than the inner shoulder. Is this typical of Outbacks?


Same here and I'm not a terribly aggressive driver in the corners. It **seems** that this may be typical for our cars given the camber settings and AWD's tendency to much tires.



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