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Best daily driver spring/shock combo???


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So I want to do some suspension work to my Legacy, but I live in the Northeast and daily drive the car. So, because of that, comfort is still somewhat an issue.


At the same time, I want to increase the handling of the car. So with that, what is my best option?


I am looking for a small drop, something that will even out the fender gaps as well.

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^ False. Pinks will drop the car substantially on stock struts as the are JDM fitment...ie. Bilstein. If have seen first hand pinks on stock struts causing the car to sit lower than mine with Bilsteins and Swift springs. (hey were did that post go?)


If you want a smooth daily driver then HD's are probably not the way to go. Perhaps pick up some used Spec B Rev C or Rev D struts....they are the least firm, but an improvement over the stock KYB's. Just add pinks, wangon (soft) or stock spec b springs (no drop). And reducing unsprung weight will help suspension travel...like lighter wheels and tires.


Also note that while sways will greatly reduce the side to side motion they are firming up that connection between the two independent arms of the suspension. So expect a little firmer ride.


Start with struts/springs, then move to sways if needed. You may even find that a simple 19mm JDM rear bar is enough.


Search the forums.





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Yea, I realize things will get a bit rough. My old RX7 had coilovers and the rates were 9/7. So they were fine until I hit a bump, then I felt it.


My plan was to get the Bilstein HD setup, then a spring. Thats the part Im not sure of. Swift, Cobb, Pinks?

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Seems like a Pinks + Bilstein HD + sways combo is the way to go??


x2 - though I didn't bother with the sways. Rides way better than stock, and no squeaks or other suspension noises. HD valving + Pinks is what the SpecB should have come with, IMO.

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