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3" inlet options


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Do 3" inlets make for WRXs and STIs fit the Legacy without modification, or is there anything different about our cars (manifold shape, vacuum plumbing, etc) that demands a Legacy-specific inlet?


And, depending on the answer to that question, does anyone make a Legacy-specific 3" inlet?

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I think all the intakes end up at the same location & dimension. I'm about to pull the trigger on an APS intake pipe. The one from Agency Power is a little cheaper but doesn't come with all the doodads you'll need to make it work.


I've agonized over which intake to choose to go with my WBR FMIC and it looks like I'll buy the one from WBR just because I know it'll fit with everything else. This is despite the fact that they offered the intake for free just a week after I bought my FMIC from them. That hardly makes customers feel any better after their major purchase...

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