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215/50/17 or 225/45/17 for the winter


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Well last year I was running 225/45/17 winter tires on my previous vehicle. I made it trough the winter great on them. TireRack recommends 215/50/17 for my Subaru. I have been looking at some of the available tires in this size and there are some I have my eye on (see my other post here,) but I dont really know much about them. There are a handfull of 225/45/17 winter tires that I do have experience with and do happen to really like. How would I fare switching to 225/45/17 tires? I also like the idea of having the lower sidewall to hep increase the stuffness in the dry corners. What do you guys think?
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any opinions on 205/50/17 on OEM 17" rims? for winter tires of course

It is an excellent size for winter in my opinion. As has been said, it has been the stock 2.5i size on the same wheels. The extra 1/4-inch of sidewall height is welcome for rougher winter roads.

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I used to think the difference was just butt-dyno talk.


But a test of snows in a Norwegian magazine, including two sizes of Nokian RSI's showed that the narrower tire had better performance on snow and ice.

Who Dares Wins


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IIRC 215/50/17 is too tall for the wheel wells. Go with 205/50/17 instead.




215/50/17 Circumference 80.0in Diameter 25.5in

205/50/17 Circumference 78.8 Diameter 25.1in



215/45/17 Circumference 77.3in Diameter 24.6in


It's not a huge size difference. it should fit, but with what others have said the skinnier the tire the better.




Spec b stock:

215/45/18 Circumference 80.5in Diameter 25.6in


has anyone put stock Spec.b wheels/tires on a LGT? i'd assume there would be no problem.

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