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I have an STi intake manifold and a Blouch Dominator 2.5R on my 2005 LGT. I'm looking to change out my STi TMIC and AEM Cold Air Intake with a FMIC and larger MAF (non-cold air type) to get more out of the turbo. What type of intake would be a good choice for this setup?
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What K&N? Typhoon? I don't believe K&N makes any dry filters, and I've heard mixed info. on whether there could be issues with oil getting on the MAF sensor and causing problems when there is a lot of air flow going through intake.
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Originally Posted by AngryLitho

I'm down for the Air intake. Does it limit the piping for the FMIC? I eventually want to get it, and I don't want an intake that will get in the way.





On it's own, no - the piping for the FMIC will fit underneath the power air intake. I ran a FMIC and power air intake for a year or two myself.




Paul Hansen






I asked ahead of time on the AVO intake and the FMIC issue. Hope this helps

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