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Open Source Tune (Verso) for can bus ecu available now


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Ok I know that it may not mean anything to North American Legacy owners but here in Australia there has been a break through with open source tuning of can bus ecu Subaru's finally.


MY 07 Liberty GT Spec B was Verso ( www.versoautomotive.com ) flash tuned by Allstar Garage last night. Big improvement on the butt dyno, no more throttle hesitation or stutter. Will be driving the Lib for a couple of weeks before the next stage, custom dump pipe and AVO TMIC then re-tune. :D


Mods are HKS Panel Filter and Resonator Removed

Stock boost of 1.1 bar retained & A/F ration raised from 11.2 to 11.7

Results: 205.6 HP (metric) or 202.79 HP & 354.90 Nm (measured on 4 wd dyno dynamics)



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The Canbus vehicles usdm/adm/edm/jdm all can be tune via RomRaider and flashed with the latest version of EcuFlash with the 2.0 Tactrix cable. All assuming your rom was sent to Merchgod of course. As for the usdm LGT the only model I think that was not sent out of the 07/08's was the 07' 5MT.
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If I'm reading this accurately, then the 07/08 CANBUS ECU's are now opensource tunable....or will be widely soon!




correcto amundo amigo! You still need a good tuner though and thats the real challenge. My tuner has been doing this on pre-MY07 Subaru's for three years now but can bus had been the hold up until NOW.

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New flash tune completed after install of custom dump pipe and AVO TMIC. Some nice torque gains and once I have new 3" centre pipe installed I should see even more improvement in HP.



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