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Glad I went with the OB over the Legacy

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Went to check on my camp down on cape cod this past weekend. Our place is at the end of a dirt road that gets very little in the way of plowing from the town. Fortunately the storm that dropped 3' was two weeks ago and significant melting had taken place. Still just to get to my place I had to deal with seriously deep ruts, puddles and mud. What a hoot!


All I can say, is that In the summer when i bought the OBXT I thought I might be making a mistake because the road was driveable with normal ground clearance. Luckily I played it safe and went with the OB. I needed every bit of the 8.7" of clearance to get in. The attached pictures do not do it justice. (First time posting photos, so I hope it works)


It was fun.



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Thanks guys. As I approached each rut that got deeper, i kept flinching, waiting to bottom out. Eventually I just goosed it to make sure I got through.


The photos were originally color and taken with a crappy disposable. I scanned them in and converted to greyscale in photoshop. Thought B/W fit the personality of the car and the situation better. Just imagine "dueling banjos" playing in the background.

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R U running stock tires? How did they do with those muddy/snow conditions?


Where on the cape? I spent a few years on Buzzard's Bay 30 some years ago (living on Otis AFB) - my dad taught at Mass Maritime.



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For the most part, I grew up in Sandwich, and my folks still live there. Miss it a lot...or I should say, the way it "used to" be anyway. Was just there last weekend, in fact!


BTW, I just spoke with mom...she said they've got approx 12" of fresh stuff as of this morning, with more on the way. She's got a crappy '97 4-cyl Wrangler....told her she really ought to upgrade to an Outback. She's loves mine.


I couldn't believe how many '05 LGTW's and OB I saw up there on Cape Cod!



Tim G.




No, but after some of those ruts I had skid marks :-)


Fortunately between the ruts was almost all snow, If it were dirt I would have been more concerned.

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