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Newbie w/ a few questions...


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Hey y'all. You folks on this site got me wanting a Leggy Limi Stick Sedan when my Saab 9-5 lease expires. Here's a shout out for some answers from you Subes:;)


1. How much faster is the Sedan than the Wagon, comparably equipped of course:confused:.


2. What, if any, is the cornering, handling or road feel difference between the Sedan and the Wagon:confused:


3. Why is the color selection so piss poor:confused: Two blue's but no green or charcoal/pewter:mad: What gives with such a bad palette:( What chance that new colors arrive for 06?


4. What chance does '06 have of getting split/fold down backseat? This is the only non-feature of Leggy that irks me:eek:


My car decisions are made in this order: Handling capability, Interior appointment, Speed/Acceleration and Exterior Color. If I don't give up too much in Handling and Speed to the wagon, i may consider it to compensate for the lack of split/fold down. Sedan looks WAY better, though and maybe the 06's add what I want:cool:.


Thanking all you most excellent Subes in advance for your replies:p


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i've never driven the Wagon so i can't say how it compares -- however i will say that the rear seats not folding down really does irk me as well. It was pretty interesting trying to find space for a 4 foot long box in my car. Luckily thier won't be that many times i need to haul big things around.
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1. No real difference is speed. The wagon weighs 65lbs. more. You have to factor in the weight of the driver, manual vs auto, etc.

2. My opinion; Subaru did a great job in the great handling without sacrificing ride comfort. The only thing that lags from the JDM is the rear swaybar (17mm vs 20mm); which makes a big difference. Oh yeah, the tires are marginal too.

3. No rumors on what will be available for the color. Do a search on the web. I have no problem with the color.

4. I hope Subaru listens up with the seats. They had the same issue with the WRX; which I owned prior to the Legacy. I drive a wagon for a couple reason, including the seats.


Go for a test drive, and drive both manual and auto, highway and street.


Good luck, and welcome.

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