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Ceramic coating and flex connections


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My exhaust header just came in and I am planning to get them coated. Since ceramic coating are virtually unheard of in Hong Kong, I am planning to do it myself.


Found a few places where I can order either turbo X or black satin from and I am planning to coat my pipes both externally and internally.


Coating the external part should be easy enough but coating the inside may pose a problem due to the presence of a flex joint (steel mesh) in the header as there is no way to mask it off from the inside. Is it ok to coat it as well or would that spell trouble??


In addition, would black satin itself be enough to withstand the heat given out by our exhaust manifold or should I really use turbo X? I would probably coat the turbo and up-pipe too if I have enough paint and time left.

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I have a general question about coating (as I may get some parts coated when I go to stage 2) ... if it keeps the gasses hotter, isnt that a bad thing? I know it lets off less heat into the engine bay, but I thought we wanted cooler air? Thanks...
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