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I really wish this car came with a cable connected to the gas pedal

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The only STI throttle maps I've seen have been even more 'bent' (for lack of a better word) than the stock map in my LGT. I've seen at least one person complain that they feel even worse than the stock map and I think I know why.


well i dont know if this is an "STI" throttle map but it is indeed more aggressive, and I LIKE IT!


car moves with some serious punch, ill see if mike can chime in and explain what he did...

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Well you really are dealing with two maps here. The requested torque map and the throttle duty map. When you mash the pedal, it looks for its requested torque target first (based on pedal position and rpm). Legacy's stock are mapped to 320 (Nm) at 100% pedal position and STI's to 400 (Nm). The actually number is really just a meaningless value, IMO. Next the ecu takes it's requested torque number and looks at Throttle duty table to determine the actual throttle angle.


Both tables need to agree, targeting 400 nm on a legacy map won't get you more tq. since the throttle angle map only goes to 320.


SI drive cars have three maps as you most know, each with a req. tq and TB duty map. SI drive cars also use requested tq. for boost targets and wastegate control, where as others just use pedal position. So an SI drive car can adjust throttle aggressiveness and boost in each setting!


More throttle angle sooner makes it more aggressive, too much makes it hard to drive.


Drive by wire cars are superior because (again in my opinion) you can eliminate the idle air control valve, also the ability have the throttle open and close smoothly, tends to make a smoother driving car and returning to idle smoother/easier especially when you have a giant turbo!

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