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What exactly is Stage 2?


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Why, thank you. I actually did search but nothing came up with a definitive answer.


Unofficial Legacy GT “Stage Upgrade” Definitions


Stage 0: Stock with or without; panel filter / intake, or pulley


Stage 1: Stage 0 plus an upgraded ECU map/tune


Stage 1.5: Stage 0 plus a down pipe, and basic stage 2 map/tune


Stage 2: Up pipe, down pipe, upgraded stage 2 ECU map/tune. With or without Stage 0


Stage 2.5: Stage 2 plus a header, cat back exhaust, intercooler upgrade, further upgraded ECU map/tune


Stage 3: Stage 2.5 plus upgraded turbo, and stock fuel system


Stage 3.5: Stage 2.5 plus upgraded turbo and upgraded fuel system


Stage 4: Stage 3 or 3.5 plus upgraded heads or a full engine build


Stage 4.5: Stage 3 or 3.5 with both upgraded heads and a full engine build


Stage 5: Let’s dare to dream!!! Maybe fully built H6 Twin Turbo???


*Having an upgraded wastegate actuator, boost control solenoid, or TGV deletes are just pluses and do not fit into any one “stage” category.


**If you are running a methanol injection system you simply add a “+” to your Stage. I.E. Stage 2.5 +


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