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Leaking Coilover


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I have a set of coilovers and I'm almost certain that rear driverside (left?) coilover is leaking.


It was making some funny noises (outside the normal realm of coilover noise) on Sunday but I wasn't totally sure what it was. I left it in the garage overnight and hoped for the best in the morning. When I pulled out of the garage to go to work, I noticed a discoloration in the cement by where the rear driverside wheel sits but wasn't sure if it was just a shadow or something.


Fast forward to later in the evening. The sound mostly went away but it still feels mushy going over bumps. Not as precise and controlled as I remember it being. I pulled into the garage and with the headlights on, the discoloration that I saw earlier in the morning are definitely spots of dried oil.


I laid some newspaper under the wheel and I'll see what it looks like in the morning. I won't have time to actually get under the car until later in the day I get home from work. But for my initial question, how much of a risk am I taking by driving if that one coilover is really leaking?

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