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425-HP Dealer Orderd Limited Edition

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Well, since this is a privateer deal, it isn't quite the same as SOA bringing a hot model over, like the WR1, SpecC, or heaven forbid, the S203. it isn't an either-or decision. This is a mod-after-manufacture deal.


As for the color scheme, white stripes, IMHO, are never the most flattering on hot red. Silver, black, or other stripe colors might look good, but I would take one sans stripes alltogether. I do like the red interior.


Now if ESX would produce that package, sans stripes, on the Legacy GT, with San Remo Red, and red alcantara/STi red stitched steering wheel, 425hp, etc... I would seriously consider it. About the only thing that could drag me away would be

1) the price being way too high, or

2) SOA providing us with a Blitzen on US shores, (shhyyeeaaaah, and monkeys might fly out of my...)

3) or just being able to accomplish the same feat myself for less money. (related to #1.)

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This is an older thread but,


I saw one at my local dealer today. I think it looks sweet.


The stripes are for american cars. They go good with Vipers and Corvettes, but for a Subaru, No.


If I was to buy one, I would re paint it:D

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