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tire question

red beast

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Neg bodyroll and better camber on the rims. The larger 18's will certainly fill out the archs and give the car a much better stance but larger rims can also cause tramlining effect too.


The car will have much better feel and have greater feedback thru the wheel.


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i was thinking (from 17" to 18" rims) the sidewall flexing during cornering might make a noticable difference. ???


if it was not much of a difference i'd just keep the subbie rims, change the tires and add the swaybar w/endlinks and call it a day..


on the wrx i took out 2/3 of the understeer and was happy. i do like to corner a little hard in a suburban setting.


well....ok everywhere.

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I did not get a big difference between the stock 17" in 215/45/17 and the upgraded 18" 225/40/18. It is a little bit more harsh, but really not much. Tramlining didn't change much, but that may also depend on the tires. If you are interested in better cornering, the 18" will deliver that. Especially for the Outback, where you have a higher sidewall with the stock setup.


Take the Subi rims for winter setup (I don't know if you get snow at all by the way...). That's what I did and I am happy with that.

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