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Traded in yesterday

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Well, was out looking at cars yesterday. Checking out the silver LGT that i saw advertised on the internet. Test drove it, and wow. Wasn't sure if i was going to trade up, but i said what the hell, you only live once, and traded in my WRX. At first i felt like i made a mistake. but once i drove it home, and drove it around today, it was well worth it. This thing pulls smoother and harder than my WRX did. And the refinement, a whole step above. already have 400 miles on her. hard to keep the revs low since it reaches 4000 in the blink of an eye. Going to call insurance company this week to take off WRX and add legacy. I heard its cheaper too!


One question though. I hear a whining sound as i accelerate. almost like a supercharger sound. i know its turbo, but what sound is that. or is it just me thats hearing it?

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