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Special edition R34! Skyline GT-R Z-Tune

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Very interesting, I'll agree its not that bad, but neither is it that great. Either way I doubt it'll look too much like that.





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Guest JessterCPA

That real Skyline is a dissapointment. Dont get me wrong, the Infinity G35 coupe is a great lookign car. Its just a little too "pretty" to be a Skyline. Plus anyone with a G35 and a Stillen catalog can make a Skyline knockoff. Dissapointing.


I betcha its gonna go like stink though.

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From what I have heard, that G35 with the reworked body is just a chassis an powertrain mule, to get the mechanicals buttoned up.


The illustration is ugly. Sorry to be the one to say it, but it looks like a 12 year old gamer designed it. No offense to any 12 year old gamers.


I think the new GTR will likely have a bit of a look all it's own, distinctly different than the G35/Skyline coupe, but based on the same platform. Possibly with a hot version of the M45's 4.5liter V8. Heck, yeah.

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