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Seats- Hmm i wonder


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i noticed that the 2.5i non limited and the GT non limited have identical seats.


when i took apart my arm rest a month back i noticed that there were wires that seemed like they would connect to butt heat switches.


do you think its possible that the 2.5i's seats come with the heating element already in the chair just no connectors?


thanks guys



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Yeah non-limited GT's come with heated seats as well. Are there any aftermarket racing seats that allow you to include the heat seat function?



what i want to know if the 2.5i has the heating element already built into the seat just no connector?

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Land Rover does the same thing. On the Discovery models, the only thing you are gaining with the "heated seat package" are the switches to turn them on. The wiring is there, the elements are there, but there are no switches. You pop out the blanking plates and pop in some switches (cheap through the parts department) and you've got heated seats.


I think most manufacturers do it this way.

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ahh, so basically- get the switches and i have heated seats? maybe ill order a set of switches from subaru and see if it works. if it works - i think they may have done it b/c it would have been less expensive to produce 1 type of chair with all the work that goes into it, instead of 2 different ones just b/c of a heating element.


does anyone else know anything about this?

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