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lowing springs... on a buget


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If you lower the car that much, the geometry will go south on you. Too much camber gain unless you run a lot of static camber.


For handling, the has a pretty low CG already. If you drop it much more then 20-25mm expect the body roll to go up in corners, not down.

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Guest *Jedimaster*
I just remember in high school we would cut a piece of the spring out and it would lower the car/truck. We didn't have money to buy new springs.
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hmm... I'll probably get the Tein springs.

I hope the factory struts are up to the job.

I've never just bought springs for a car... I always do a HUGE suspension make over when I mess with the footwork.

I'd like some 17" wheels first though

The only thing I don't like about the 2.5i is that it just doesnt look as aggressive as the GT because of the wheels.


I think springs and wheels will be just enough to get me through the 4 year lease :)

I dont wanna spend too much.

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