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Immeadiate Help Please - 2005 Legacy GT Suspension ?

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Writing this post for my friend jerami1981.


He is experiencing a problem getting his car re-aligned in that he is being told that there is no camber adjustment possible. Is this true? Thanks for any help you can pass this way.


(He would be posting this if he was near a computer currently.)

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Not on the rear.. Yes I'm having the same problem now (you have to replace the subframe if it is bent)

His problem is the passenger front. Do you know if the front camber is adjustable?


Sorry, I should have made that a bit clearer to begin with.

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Keefe - sounds like you're needed here.


Here's the camber specs:

Camber (Differences between RH and LH: 45' or less)

2.5i, 2.5GT −0°15'±0°30'

OUTBACK 0°40'±0°30'






1) When adjusting the camber, adjust it to the specs listed above




2) Loosen the two self-locking nuts located at the lower front portion of strut.







When the adjusting bolt needs to be loosened or tightened, hold its head with a wrench and turn the self-locking nut.


3) Turn the camber adjusting bolt so that the camber is set at specification.












Moving the adjusting bolt by one scale changes the camber by approx. 0°15'




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