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Thank You All! New Owner.

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I just picked up my Black Legacy GT Limited 5MT Wagon last night. What a great sport wagon. I am so happy I bought this car. I was looking at used Audi 2.7's, 4.2's, Allroads and also Infiniti G35x's.


This car is just so much more fun! I also have a track ready '96 Mazda Miata as a summer / nice weather toy, and the Subaru car is like its nasty winter / rainy weather brother.


I had sold a '99 Nissan Maxima for the Legacy. All I can say is the Maxima was one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned, but what a nose heavy pig of a car.


I remember a thread about hiding the blue sub-woofer wire so its not seen, I will try to search for that one.


Well time to go for a ride, Need to get to 1k miles so the fun can really begin. Thanks for all the information on this site, its a friendy / informative site unlike so many other car forums.


Happy Holidays,


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