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Shaken or Stirred?


Your Marini - Shaken or Stirred  

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Ok, I'm working on my Martini Snobbery (to go along with my Beer, Wine, and Whisky [particularly Scotch] snobbery).


I used to be a shaken guy, but I'm coming around to being a stirred guy.




First person to recommend a James Bond Martini gets a kick in the nuts.

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What is the difference?


rclark knows what's up ...


Shaking makes it colder, and does so faster. It bruises the gin, and you lose some of the subtle flavors of the gin (of course, this ends up meaning you buy fancy gin if you're looking to make good martinis).


Also, with a shaken Martini, you get that ice rink effect. Which is kind of neat in itself, but yeah, stirred for flavor.

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Gin, schmin. Vodka, FTW!! (Shaken: you can't 'bruise' vodka with a sledgehammer!)




You ... out of the thread. A Martini doesn't have Vodka. Why don't you just drink lighter fluid. It would taste better than your "Vodka Martini."

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I'm somewhat of a booze snob myself, but I can't stand gin. For a martini I go with Grey Goose or Stoli Gold, usually shaken. A little more water and a nice chill works best with vodka. If I liked gin, I'd probably go stirred.


A good meal starts with a martini, then a good bottle of wine and finishes with a nice single malt scotch (neat, of course).

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