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***important: Do You Want Tdc As A Vendor***

do you want TDC as a vendor?  

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  1. 1. do you want TDC as a vendor?

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alright. i feel the need to say something.


i have been talking to jon and recieved his response from Tide about the jeopardy of his vendor status.


Jon's reply:


please help me help them.


we are doing our best to keep up with the back logged issues and stuff like that


as i explained to Dan i have some VERY serious family issues going on here. My GF is pregnant and the baby may be very sick , it is consuming alot of time here


i know its not an excuse but i beg of you to please allow us to stay on as a vendor. It is financially important to me that this forum allows me to sell part and support my family. as i cant be physically @ the shop as much.


things have slowed down alot here and im trying to get it all back on track. we are adding staff in a month to help with the load..


I always hear about these "complaints"

but never what or who they are !

i beg you to help me make it all right and be the BEST vendor on LGT !!!


i only know of 5 issues:

firedawgs setup which i offered a FULL REFUND on.

some IC pipes for a customer, a fmic for a customer , a refund on a bov and a set of rain gaurds to ship out


the rest of the complaints i am un aware of

we have an issues log that we keep to ensure stuff gets done


How can i fix issues


Please help me, i am not only a vendor i am a member

i have an LGT, i love this forum and these guys.


Please, help me solve the issues that i dont know about and bring it back around again.....


i ask you from the bottom of my heart please help me get this back on track so i can stay a vendor and continue to serve lgt.com in the best way i can







My question to you is: DO YOU WANT TDC AS A VENDOR?


think about it before you answer please. think of how much he has contributed to us...he has done things no one else has for our cars, especially considering our already limited support from the aftermarket companies.


i am the one with the IC pipes and FMIC. i have been waiting for a long time, but have faith people. you have to wait to get quality stuff, no matter how much that sucks.


things are starting to settle down for him...


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That looks like a personal correspondence and I am not sure it should be posted. I voted yes.




cliff notes would have been better.


havent dealt with tdc yet, but was planning on doing business with them so i voted yes. jon does so much stuff and so many mod paths to choose from its nuts. liking the possible twin scroll setup








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I waited a while for my FMIC. It was well worth it in the end. Can somebody tell me another Vendor that has done R&D, dynoed as many combinations, and shared with us results from them. How many different products has TDC tested and shared wich ones work good and what one's work even better. TDC has been GREAT to me I have not a single complaint. Could things have been done faster sure lets face it when it comes to our cars we want the results yesterday. Lets not forget Jon himself drives an LGT as his daily. Losing TDC would be losing a huge asset to this community.
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My WRX went from a turbo upgrade at 14.4 psi (less than the cobb map said) to 19psi Pro Tuned thanks to Jon and his ability to tune and realize that i needed a new boost solenoid.


Jon has always been asset to me, and the other WRX owners that I know.

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+1 That looks really personal and shouldnt be shared.

People have lives out side LGT.COM understanding that biz is biz and should be handled TDC.Tunning is providing a great service to us all and should be givin the opertunity to take care of it in timely manner. Also we need to understand that if products are rushed they arent always what we want them to be. Also we need to remember that we all have families and that should come 1st. give Jon a chance he has like AWDxAWD said above givien us things we would never have had from other companies at a portion of the cost of whats already avalible at this time, if you dont like what he has too offer easy dont deal with him.

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I stopped by his shop to say "hi" a while back. He was up to his elbows in someones car. I started the conversation out with "I have no money to spend now, but will at some point".


He spent about 15 minutes talking to me about different mods and options. Ended by telling to to come by and ask questions anytime I want to- he has no problem talking to people and giving advice. You don't find that level of service for a paying customer, never mind a non-paying one.


I also sent him a PM earlier today to get some info about a car starter. I got an answer in about 15 minutes.


He's a small specialty shop. He not a BS politician that smiles to make pretty. He is a tuner that makes our cars go fast.


I think about it like this: If I were order to order a custom, hand made holster for one of my machines of death by a small or one person shop, I would expect to wait for a call back. I would expect a longer turn around time. Know why? It means he's busy. He's good. Also, he's not rushing, and he takes pride in his work.


What do people want him to do? Drop everything to answer the phone all the time? Our cars would back up. Hire someone? Sure. To do what? They will still need to interrupt him in order to ask him things. Also, his prices would have to go up.


Maybe we all need to take a step back and look at the big picture. The internet allows for instant gratification. That is not how the real world works.


Yes, some people have issues. Legitamate issues. You know what, NOTHING is 100% 100% of the time. Sh!t happens folks, it called life.


I think to pull this guys vendor status is a crock. Look at what he has done for this board.


There are only so many hours in a day.

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Thus far, TDC has me pleased and they do offer great stuff at great prices and Jon definately has an unnatural talent with tuning. There will be ups, there will be downs, they will please and displease but unless they do something stupid with respect to tuning, they are an extremely valuable asset to the Subaru community.


This being said, TDC should remain.

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That looks like a personal correspondence and I am not sure it should be posted. I voted yes.


ding ding ding


this isn't a democracy. posting something like this is counterproductive and downright wrong without consulting board mgmt first.


closing for the grand poobah to decide

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It was fairly inappropriate to post personal correspondence for member opinion. I'd like to remind people that they don't have the full story, and that the mods and myself field alot of issues that most people won't ever see. I don't make kneejerk management decisions, and any decision that will be made would be based on long-term issues. My concern is the amount of time the mods and admins put in to help members with these issues, I don't feel we should have to.
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