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06 5EAT Up Pipe Question

sic GT

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I am going to Stage 2 for my 06 Legacy 5EAT and just recieved my Cobb catted d/p & my Invidia u/p. Made an appt. w/ the shop who is gonna do the install & the guy I spoke w/ did'nt think the 06 Leagcy had a cat. on the u/p. Checked under the hood prior to leaving South Coast Subaru w/ my new parts & the guy at the South Coast Performance counter in the Subie dealership checked under the hood w/ me & said he couldnt se a cat on the u/p either however the schematic on the parts counter computer that both myself & the parts guy reviewed appeared to show a cat. for the 06 unless the software had not been updated. This would be in seeming contrary to all the posts I have read involving other Legacy owners on here gutting or swapping their stock u/p's for an aftermarket because of the possibility of the cat in the u/p being sucked into the turbo housing. So question does the 06 legacy GT have a cat. in the up pipe or not? I would have sworn it did but cannot readily see one w/out maybe remove the plastic trinm fascia on top of the boxer motor.


Any hits on this would be appreciated

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I heard that it was the 05 that didn't have the cat on the UP ... or maybe it was just a rumour?




That would be incorrect :)


The '05 as well has a cat. I had heard the '06 didn't, so I guess that's wrong too. Maybe it's the '07 that doesn't?

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this again? :spin:


The 05 & 06 LGT has a cat in the UP. The 06 WRX has a catless UP. Can't say for the 07 LGT. Someone who owns one has to chime in for that.

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