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Window stuck DOWN + Hurricane = Dealership

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Last night my driver side window went down and did not come back up.


Now I understood that there were issues with the “clunky” switch, and mine was no different, sometimes I would press and press and press and if I was lucky, it would respond. So, after reading BOXRPWR’s thread about the driver window switch, I went right in and pulled apart the door and studied the workings of the window mechanism. After 1 ½ hours, I found that the problems was NOT the switch, but rather the motor, or the communication from the switch to the motor.


It was now midnight, so I decided the sleep on it and try this morning to manually pull the window up. Here are a few factors that made this suck.


1. I don’t have a garage

2. My window is down and Hurricane Ernesto will be here in a day

3. I have to go to work


In the morning, after realizing that I can’t get the window up manually, I broke down and…




After 2 hours of waiting (late for work at this point) and $135.00 the dealer told me that the motor was bad (which I already knew), the part number and he also manually put up the window. So for now, I’m in the clear with weather.


He went on to tell me that the replacement parts and labor would cost me $600.00. So I proceded to tell him to Eat Sh*t, give me my car, take my $135, I’ll do the work myself.


The part number of the window motor that needs to be replaced is 61188A601A.


Question is, where can I go besides the over-priced dealer for this part? Has anyone had any experience replacing the window motors?

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I didn't get it looked at because it was sporatic not really an issue and i hate the dealerships. Yeah, just called SOA, i'm not covered by warranty. So, looks like PremierSubaruParts.com has the part for $124. Looks like a weekend job.


Pictures and procedures for Driver Side Window Motor replacement soon to follow.

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Hope you told them to leave the door opened up...save time & possibly broken parts getting back into the door. It'll be interesting to see time spent, inadvertent damage to car, extra tools needed, and medical expenses before this job is done. If it was easy, I can't see 4.5 hours of labor at the dealership ($600-$150 parts & $100/hr labor). Good luck and keep us posted.
It is still ugly.
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