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First (or only) $500 spent on suspension?


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If you were going to spend $500 to improve the suspension on an '05 Legacy GT Sedan, what would be your first mod? What if this was going to be your only mod (ok, I know that is unrealistic, but...)?


I was thinking Cobb or Cusco Sway bars and leaving everything else stock to see how I like it. What do y'all think? Thanks in advance.

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+1!! the RE92s suck...


I did springs first (iONs), then sways (Cobb) and have Tokico struts on order, but much of that was predicated on the availability of parts over the last two years (bought the car in Sept. '04).


If I were starting over, I would start with sway bars, then do the springs/struts as a package. The springs were good at first, but the ride degraded rapidly as the stock struts went south (40k on the car now, springs went in at around 20k).


Another good mod that's cheap is the STi tranny mount. It's not technically a suspension part, but really tightens up the feel of the car at the cost of a very slight increase in NVH.

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SPRINGS! (iON for me, pinks are good to)


I think springs made the biggest improvement on my car to date. You could do tires first, but i think you will feel the spring difference a lot more, plus the car looks better lower. And if your limited to $500 you can only do one.


When you get the cash do tires or sways. Did Cusco sways after springs and body roll is about totally gone.


Next for me are tires. With things firmed up and taking corners faster the RE92's just don't have enough grip.

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Biggest bang for the buck, easily, in terms of improving the overall handling & feel of the car. Much more effective than just sway bars IMO. Good springs, anyway.


Tires next - probably a bigger impact on cornering ability, but w/o the springs upgraded who wants to push the car hard? Feels scary when stock.


Then struts - sway bars - control arms - all that other stuff with limited payoff. That's my experience.

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