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Videos from my Watkins Glen Trip


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I finally got around to putting my videos up on google. I took 4 in total, but only uploaded 3. The first two are from the first day and the last is from the second day.


The event was a two day event with the Niagara Region Porsche club.


Things to note when watching the videos:

  • There are yellow lines that turn into white lines on the inside of each turn. To get the best line, you generally want to follow these lines until they transition, then progress over to the other side to apex. This is especially apparent in the esses.
  • You'll notice some turns where my hands are making little corrections in the turn. These were not good turns, I didn't have a good line and didn't take the turn as well as I could have. Those turns where I don't move the wheel or my hands were taken well (and felt awesome... it's hard to describe how good it feels to take a turn when you've got the right line)
  • The person in the passenger seat was the instructor.
  • I was on the stock RE92's and stock brakes. They did fine, though better brakes would have been optimal.
  • Only car mods were Tein Flex and a Perrin RSB

For reference, here's what the Glen looks like:


Bigger images can be found here:

Track - Watkins Glen International


Finally, here are the videos:


[ame=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3849893246320180960]2005 LegacyGT at Watkins Glen International - Google Video[/ame]


[ame=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1148402662349700816]2005 LegacyGT at Watkins Glen International - Google Video[/ame]


[ame=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4186121047002460813]2005 LegacyGT at Watkins Glen International - Google Video[/ame]

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The only scare I had was in the third video (last one listed, 5 min 33 seconds in). It was my last run with the instructor before I went out solo. The second lap through she had me practicing downshifting before a turn as most of the time I had been leaving it in 4th.


So I downshift, but b/c I'm thinking about shifting instead of going into the turn, I go in too hot. I look out my drivers side window and see the wall coming up mighty fast... You can see me cranking the wheel in the video and hear the tires screaming; I stomped the gas, cranked the wheel and pulled through the turn.


Needless to say, I have to practice my shifting before the turns :icon_bigg

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