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6.0L RWD 4 door Grand Prix ????

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First off... the VE Commodore SS-V is HAWTTTT!

Autoblog on the VE Commodore, with pics...

Autoblog on the Holden going to Pontiac...


If Pontiac ruins the look, they'll have an unsaleable car. If they barely touch it, and/or make it easy to go back to a holden SS-V look... they might actually have a winner.


Ideally, for the US, they would only split the grille for the trademark nostril look. (understated, please. Not like the G6 tuner concept's long nose.)

Put some pontiac red arrows on it, Call it the Grand Prix GT (leave off the X and P... use GT- R or S, or something, V is a caddy thing in the US...)


AND THAT IS IT. Don't change the lights, or the bumper covers, or the side cladding otherwise. Keep the wheels, even. Don't "fix" something that definitely is not broken, and is better looking than the US design studios have tried for the last couple of decades.


Bring back the Bonneville name with the long-wheelbase version of the Holden Caprice. (same car as this, longer wheelbase, slightly different rear side window line) Heck, it could become a new Chevy Caprice/Impala SS...


With a Gi-normous 6.0 V8 and RWD... it will probably be a really good performer, but maybe not as practical as an AWD Legacy, and probably similar mileage as the LGT. Not to mention it will probably be at least a year before it arrives. Too late, otherwise I might be really considering this. AWD for the winter win, though.


It is a good sign, though. American companies BADLY need honestly sporting cars, not just in the looks department, even though they fall flat there, too.


Charger is WAY more portly than this looks to be, and Ford has NOTHING like this, unless they match GM by bringing the Falcon replacement to the US, as well.


And if it is a pontiac, hopefully it will be offered in some bold colors. GTO is available in both bright blue and bright red, and yellow IIRC, along with more subtle black and silver.


This car would look unbelievable in a nice blood-red.



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I agree with you 110% man....


The Aussie Commodore is a really hot car, we were discussing how hot GM cars are only for the European and Australian market, under Holden and Voxhaul...


Hopefully it gets here pretty much unchanged!!!!


Flavio Zanetti

Boston, MA

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I'd *definitely* get caught dead in one!


That sucker is gorgeous! :D

<-- I love Winky, my "periwinkle" (ABP) LGT! - Allen / Usual Suspect "DumboRAT" / One of the Three Stooges

'16 Outback, '16 WRX, 7th Subaru Family

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Guest *Jedimaster*
Not bad at all. Now if they had something like that for the GTO (IE: NOT a bloated Cavalier looking thing), I may have bought one. I love Grand Prix's- maybe they'll make a wagon :yeahright:
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It would def. be a step in the right direction for GM....hell even FORD for that matter.

Saw a road test somewhere on the Commodore SS-V...as far as great strait line power it just was not there due to the curb wt..If I remember correctly it was just over 4000lb.

Love the look.....But give me a De-Luxurized rwd model with a curb wt around 3500-3600lb:)

Oh & the most important thing...make sure the sticker is not over 38k **loaded**

Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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