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My Review of Carbotech Brakepads


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I've had these for about 2 mos now. These pads are great for autoX. I am able to brake a little later into turns and they're great for everyday driving. My only complaint is they're dusty as hell. Stock up on lots of wheel cleaner if you buy these pads.
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just remember though... that this dust is not the dark black brake dust we're used to seeing ;) Its a light red/brownish kind of color and will not harn your wheel's finish.


Still dusts less than many pads out there... but put some polish/wax on your wheels and its REAL easy to wash off!

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Carbotech, Hawk, PFC, DBA Rotors, Motul, Wilwood, Castrol...

Great service. No bumping required :icon_tong!

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I went with the Carbotech Panther Plus 2 months and 5K miles ago. It was just before a track event.


You wanna see dust?? These will blacken the wheels in 200-300 miles. and they squeak.


But damn.....they do work!! I love 'em!! Street feel is outstanding, with good pad torque. With good tires, it has transformed the braking capabilities and feel. Excellent track performance., also.


As was mentioned the dust does not "burrow into" the wheel finish (I have Rota SDRs), and it easy, although messy, to get totally clean.


For any track use, the Bobcats appear to be comparable to my former favorites, the Porterfield R4S, and others have used the Hawk HPS. They will survive a track day OK, but after two track days, two sets of R4S pads cracked on me.

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