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i think im gonna cry...


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Im definitly gonna start crying.. i havent driven my car in a little over 4 weeks now.. its been in the shop.. From a blown turbo to getting a 20g, but it still hasnt came in yet.. so jared (wherever, whoever) you are please immediately finish my turbo and send it to Precision.. thank you :lol:


P.s. i had to buy a piece of crap hyundai to drive around.. :(

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Sorry to hear it:(

It will all be worth it in the long run though.....

why not just rent a mid size for a month....Budget has full size cars for under 190 a week unlimited miles.

For 6 weeks it's still a lot less than a car purchase;)


Good luck....post up some pics when complete!

Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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What model,fitment 20g are you waiting for? I also have my GRP 06 at Precision for a 20g install....though I went with a Blouch TD05H unit in WRX fitment....Thnakfully my parents went away and I've been house sitting for them b/c they have a dog...Good thing is I've been using their explorer.



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