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Cat vs no cat stage 2


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I don't get it. Stink or no stink?


^ Vehicles without cats will present with an unmistakeable "lack of catalytic converter" odor. Some like to call this "cat stink." ;)


Some find this odor excessively offensive. Others, like me - love it. :D


Whether or not this odor is physically "noticeable" to you or any of your passengers, though, is pretty much completely dependent on your own unique biology. Some have sensitive noses. Others not so much.


A good aftermarket HFC will likely cut down said "stink" drastically - to the point that it's probably only noticeable when you first "cold start" your vehicle.

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As rclark said....5 or less

as TSI mentioned....only during coldstart will you notice the stink with the HFC.

Yes they are ALOT more $ but I would suggest getting a HFC it simply is not worth the extra 2-5hp;)

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I'm not running a turbo... :( do you (anyone) think it would be worth me taking the time to swap a straight pipe to my old (if I did) old cat just to get it inspected? I mean that takes awhile.... what kinda gains should I expect?
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