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Porsche 911 - Which is better 993 (up to 1997) or 996 (1998 and on)???

Which Porsche 911 Do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which Porsche 911 Do you prefer?

    • Newer 996
    • Old School 993
    • Don't Care for Either

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Ok. Mike drove the Porsche and I'm jealous. The 911 Turbo is also my dream car (well 1 of them anyway). I fealt this debate needed it's own thread. I'm old school and absolutely love the boy-racer, bad-ass style 993 911s of old before the recent major update. It's kind of like seeing a dark tinted and mod'ed GN rolling around the corner then going sideways. God I miss those days. I even love the late '80s 911 Turbo and the old skool 930 Slant Nose - not sure the model designation of those. I guess it was just a different (better) era.


I can't stand the newer 996/997 911s. I feel they've been corporately hijacked, smoothed out looking, and lost their gritty performance edge in favor of refinement (even if the numbers are up) That's not why I'd buy a Porsche. I'd get a Lexus if I wanted that. I'm not saying I'd get rid of the 996 turbo if one were given to me. But given the choice, I'd rather have the former. Kind of like hooking up with a really hot chick for a weekend who has an average face and dumb as a whistle - I won't complain. But, I'd rather have the really hot girl with the really pretty face and intelligence. Anyway, please don't flame me too bad. MHO.




Big Pimpin' 993










Corporate Mangling 996







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How come no 997's in the poll?


Yeah. I messed up slightly. Should have included that one in there. That's the latest one I believe. Not much different from the 996 as far as I can tell. If a mod can add it in there, that's cool. I can't see how to edit polls. The 997 looks like a minor comsmetic freshening not a major overhaul.

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I think the 997 looks a bit closer to the 993 than the 996 does. They improved the 997 over the 996 - in and out. Also, they're using slightly bigger engines. Thje 996 started out in 1998 as a 3.4 liter, then later on in the life cycle moved to a 3.6 liter. The 997 C2S and C4S are both 3.8 liters, the N/A 997 C2 is 3.6 liters.
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Oooh! That's hot! But I still like the 993 based Ruf better!





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Having had the pleasure of driving both a '96 993 C4 and a '01 996 C4S (both owned by my father, properly driven by me :icon_cool ). If it was my money, I'd get a 996. Don't get me wrong, I love the 993, and think that it looks better than the 996/997. When it comes to performance cars though, I'd take the updated internals of the 996. Sports cars can be refined without loosing there "edge." It anything, you getting rid of the extranious information and honing in on the info you really want from the car. And with the Fabspeed exhaust, chip, and intake on the 996 C4S now, it's ALL smiles and a driving experiance my subaru can't touch, even if it is faster.
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Personally, I love the 997. The 996 C4S is nice, 997 is better.


The 993s are nice, but for an air-cooled porsche, I would rather go back to the late 60s through the 80s, and get a slightly resto-mod 911S or T, or early turbo.


A new car is a new car, and a classic is a classic... the 993 cars are a bit "limbo" as an updated classic, somewhere between the old-school, and the fully modern water cooled 911s.


Money no object, I would probably go with a 997 C4S manual, with the sport suspension and chronograph (which connects to and sharpens the suspension and throttle response...) with a techArt body kit, and Champion Motorsports forged mesh wheels.


Either that, or a really aftermarket Cayman S with the X51 3.8, or new GT3 engine installed, and similar body modifications.


Something about a naturally aspirated high-horsepower engine, especially a flat six, straight six, or smallish DOHC V8, that just speaks to me. More than enough power without being too much, and the purer throttle response of a naturally aspirated motor.


There is a reason that BMW ///M don't usually use forced induction, and why Gordon Murray chose their compact motorsport V12 for the McLaren F1, and why Ferrari usually doesn't use forced induction, either. Porsche does some of both.


Not that forced induction is bad, but if you can pull off a really great naturally aspirated motor (>=100hp/liter with a full, flat torque curve, and smooth fast throttle response), it is really a rare jewel.



on another topic... the first 993 pic in this thread has me thinking again... I know it is likely blasphemous, but I kinda want to get a turbo script badge like that, and when I get a Legacy, debadge it, fill the holes from the subie oval, and put that script dead center above the license plate on the trunk lid. Turbocharged flat engine with AWD and a manual transmission... how many cars on the road can say that, besides Subie and Porsche? More in common than the Turbo new Beetle has, and it gets the script...


The other option, and more likely, is to leave the subie oval, move Legacy to the Left side, and get TURBO block letters from the Saturn Sky Redline, and put those on the right side, and maybe an STI badge in the lower right.


But the debadged look with just turbo script might look really cool on the Legacy.

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Well... I have a 1972 911T (currently at the paint shop getting a new skin)

my taste is a bit older than those two, but if forced to choose I would

go with the 996. The air cooled engines just couldnt be pushed anymore safely,

and the new cars drive sooo well. You can push a 996 out of a corner hard

without worrying about ending up the other way around, the same cant always be said for a 993.


Hey look! my dream car!

07 911GT3 rs wewt


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