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Turbo and Brake upgrade for BG5 GTB


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Hey guys,

i've just purchased some 4 pot calipers and slotted rotors off a BH5 B4. The calipers are apparently 22B spec.

I've also just purchased some VF31/32 turbos (also from a BH5) to replace my VF18/19 turbos. I was going to go for VF26/27 turbos but these came along at a cheaper price.

I was wondering if anyone has fitted either the brakes or turbos to their car before? I was told the turbos are a bit of a pain in the ass to fit.

Any info on either brakes or turbos would be good.





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Sorry I cant help you with the turbos, but those brakes (rotors and calipers) are gorgeous and I am in need of a brake upgrade too. I know you are in Japan, but humor me how much did it cost you and how easy might it be to find another set?

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Thanks Jimmy @ Hkc-Speed.com!

RIP Coxx & Thanks

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Yeah, i think i might have made a mistake with the turbos. I bought a VF31 and VF32 from a guy when i thought i was getting a set (primary and secondary turbos) but i think they might both be primary turbos. If anyone can give me more info on this then that would be great.

As far as the brakes go. I paid 35,500 yen (plus postage) for them. That's about US$300. I was lucky with the buy i think. I had looked for ages and hadn't come across anything near that price. I couldn't really afford to buy them (as my wife keeps telling me) but couldn't resist.

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Machew,I am also in Japan and now a new owner of a GTB BH5! I want to upgrade my brakes and rotors but have no idea what to ask for or what is compatable? Do you know what would be a direct bolt on with new rotors of course? What year and what model do I go to a junk yard or "upgarage" to look?
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