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DIY Carbon Fiber Parts


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Thought some of you guys might like this. I do custom parts every once in a while for racecars. This is for a chevy cobalt.


took a stock bumper, filled in the side market lights and the license plate:




sprayed some gel coat on it and block sanded



wet laid some fiberglass on top



released the fiberglass and build a frame around it:




Put the carbon fiber in the mold and applied resin:



Pulled a little vacuum:



Out pop part:


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It's the carbon


Short answer, because it's not a cosmetic part. It's a light weight part for a racecar.


Long answer, that's a complicated part with lots of curves and the carbon has to deform to conform to the mold and lay properly. It's also the first time using the mold so there's a bit of trial and erro involved in placing the carbon and seeing where the weave can conform and where it needs a relief cut or two.


why does it look wrinkly? is it jsut he carbon fiber and camera?

If it was a cosmetic part like this, I would take more care, but the bumper is for a racecar and it's getting painted anyway.



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+1 for making "small pieces" for the Legacy (carbon fiber exhaust garnish, rear spats, interior pieces, etc...)...make it at a reasonable price and you will be idolized on this forum :D


pic of the rear spats from the rear :D (the concave cut would look PERFECT on the Legacys :D)



pic of the rear spats from the side (kind of :D)



In Taiwan now...:spin:
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Dont know how well the CF lip would stand up to the scraping that happens from ramps to parking garages and such. Seems like the clear coat would come off then it would start to shred very quickly.
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Not from CF. He has fiberglass.












It's on my 'to do list' after the wedding is paid for. ;)

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