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1999 Light issues


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I'm having two difficulties with my headlights and fog lights if anyone has suggestions:


first, my headlights seem to be angled up, they piss off every driver on the road however i can not seem to figure out how to move the brackets to push the angle down.


Second, one of my fog lights kept burning out. The last time I just let it go for a bit, however when i looked at the light today the entire fog light encasing is full of water. Anyone run across this before?

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.... I have no Idea what you are talking about :rolleyes:....






I have a hole, no make that huge in the top of the drives side fog and when the connection to the fog light bulb gets some water on it, its gone. When you go to replace the bulb, check for any holes in the case of the foglight and just patch it with some duct tape. When you replace the bulb, make sure that you dry off every part that come in contact with the light bulb to ensure that it doesnt blow again.


As for the headlights on the back of the light housing there should be a screw that you can turn to adjust the height and position of the beam

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RIP Coxx & Thanks

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