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Solution for Plastic Studs on Engine Cover

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Hi guys,

If like me you are sick of loosing those damn irritating quick release plastic retainers for the engine mount (assuming you guys have the same mounts as us in SIngapore) here is a project for you. You will need the following:

Rivet nut set cripmer

5mm rivet nuts x 4

5mm x 10mm allen key screws x 4

spring washer and washer to suit the above x 4


Remove engine cover. Locate the 4 holes and use the Rivet nut cripmer to cripm in the rivet nuts. Be careful while doing the side on the intercooler as its plastic. It went ok for my ride.


Place cover back and secure with allen key screw (remember to use the spring washers as there is a lot of vibration in the eingine bay). Also do not over-tighten as the rivet nuts are made of aluminium and you do not want to strip the threads!


You are done!!! I am gonna explore other options with bigger washers (maybe even some nice aluminium anodised ones!




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Hi Rob,

I see, yep that makes sense. How are the Perrin I/C? Not much Perrin stuff reaches our shores, not to mention we are running a 2 litre variant of the engine, both uppipes and downpipes are of different lengths - damn!

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