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Just got a 05 2.5 GT Wagon

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Hey guys, Im new to the board but not new to forums. My wife and I traded in her 02 Impreza 2.5 Rs for the wagon. I was after a WRX for her but after driving the 06 WRX first then jumping to the 05 legacy, my love for the Impreza and WRX died quickly. So we got it. you can see it here http://forums.probetalk.com/showthread.php?t=1701184995

Ok so this is my wifes car but i think she is ok with doing some slight mods. I would really like a boost gauge but I dont want it to look like it didnt come from the factory. Also, i plan to buy a downpipe, any thoughts? I like the cruical one. does this make the engine/turbo/exhuast louder? she doesnt want to look or sound like a "ricer" and I agree.

The subaru guy told me the engine is the exact engine in the sti slightly de-tuned. If true, how do I re-tune? He also said to stay away from any type of cold air intake because none of them are designed properly. true?

So I guess im asking for some help!


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Lotta searchin'


Lotta Readin'


I see both in your future...


Anyhoo, Welcome. I'm a bit of a noob here too (got my wagon in December) and all the information you seek is just a search away.


To give you a head start, there is no factory looking gauges, but DEFI gauges are pretty darned close


The Crucial UP and DP are on my wish list, as well as a Cobb AP (accessport).


Do a search on this last term, and you will find much info on "re-tuning" you latent STI engine's abilities.



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i have the non catted cobb dp and the crucial up.. at idle it sounds pretty stock its when you jump on it... thats when it makes a diff and it seems like my turbo is spooled right after i hit the accelerator. i chose the cobb instead of the crucial because i wanted to go 3 inches instead of the 2.5 i also wanted a full length dp. and btw ive never heard a boxer that sounded ricey....


and being a detuned sti engine.. well thats not totally correct. yes it is a 2.5 but it does have a diff turbo and injectors and intercooler and the intake runners are diff and the injectors.. hell i think the stroke is diff too. but hey do the dp and up and panel filter and youll be running pretty damn close if not quicker (depends on the driver) then the 05 sti. your car is only like 4lbs heavier then the 06 sti.


anyways welcome to the lgt world.

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I'd check that different stroke length figure...


Sure the compressor side of the turbo, and intake system are arranged differently between the LGT and WRX STI, but the engines inside the long block (cylinders, crankcase and heads) are quite similar, if not identical. IIRC, the exhaust manifolds and up pipes are interchangeable, i think, too. UP for sure.


Injectors, intake manifolds, intercoolers and even turbochargers are a doddle to change in comparison to digging into the engine internals, so someone could argue that those things would constitute "tuning", or conversely "de-tuning".


I am not the one to speak on this for sure, but what I have heard around here is that it seems that aside from the STI having a better turbocharger compressor, and an intercooler that doesn't come apart at the plastic seams, a more agressive ECU tune, and the fuel system to back it up, the Legacy intake system is really not inferior to the STI.


It kind of seems to me as though SOA said "How can we make this legacy fast, without stepping on the WRX STI's toes?" and approached the configuration from there...


IF you want to talk about NOT a simple tune-up or tune-down... I just skimmed the ModifiedMag article on the Perrin WRX STI with their turbocharged 3.0 flat 6 with water/alcohol injection. THAT is more than a tuning session... they are talking 550hp currently, and well into the 600 range when tuned completely.


THAT drivetrain would be an absolute killer in a Legacy sport sedan... If only money were not a factor... I would be on the phone ordering parts and scheduling the shop...

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