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Modification ideas for '01 LL Bean wagon? (Exhaust, handling...)


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Hey all.


My wife and I got a 2001 Outback LL Bean (white) this past June, used from GRMPer on NASIOC. Good price, and a good car so far. We just got new tires for it (OE-sized BFG Traction T/A-V), and are having some potential alignment issues (see here), but otherwise we're in love with it. Sucker takes a lot of oil compared to my '00 Impreza 2.5RS, I'm not used to dumping nearly 7 quarts into an engine! :D


Anyway, I've been thinking of some light mods that I could slowly work in to the Outback. I don't want anything major, just some ideas. I got my wife (it's her car) a Momo/Subaru shift knob as a car warming gift, but that hardly counts. ;) The only thing I have planned right now is a Baja Turbo rear swaybar, which I think is 17mm versus the OE 14mm, and should bolt right up.


The car has a hidden trailer hitch, a cool accessory, and I may get a couple SoA options like the hatch lift bar or a rear spoiler. But for example, is there a decent catback exhaust that will work with this car? Particular suggestions on a model, even if it's a Magnaflow? What diameter will work best? I'm guessing 2.5" ... The stock one feels pretty sizeable as-is, but I'm not sure of the exact size. Is the SPT performance axleback unit the same internal diameter as stock? $205 on http://www.subaruwrxparts.com isn't too bad.


Does anyone know if a 2005 WRX blue six-stars badge will fit on the front?


At this point I'm sticking with the ideas listed above, but any and all suggestions are welcome!



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There's that for the Outback, in a couple configurations apparently. That's cool, I like Stromung's stuff...




I just wonder if the tips will clear that hitch bar underneath. The OE exhaust has that funky downward bend in the tip, so that helps it to clear, maybe....



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Jeeze I gotta stick to checking the Older Performance more often. First off welcome to the site and thats a good purchase!


http://boxer4racing.com/ ~for alot of good parts


When I get my computer fixed I'll give you more links that are stored there, so stay tuned

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Thanks Jimmy @ Hkc-Speed.com!

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