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Hi there, I need to repair my 5MT. While working on it, I'd like to use transmission from Forester. The problem is, front axles won't fit. Do you think, I could use inner joints from Forester (to connect axles to gearbox) and the "sticks" and outer joints from Outback (to have ABS)? See attached pic. Thanks!

2024-05-10 08_30_03-2024-05-10 08_27_35-Product Details _ SimplePart and 23 more pages - Work - Micr.png

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Probably? What year for everything?

if the lengths match after swapping the joints, then all good.

Why a Forester trans? Plenty enough Legacy ones going around that make things easier.

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Hi @KZJonny, thanks for reply! My OTB is 2005, not sure about Forester. Do you think, the parts will fit together? Only problem I should worry about are lengths? The reason is simple: Forester transmission + diff + axles is about 250-300€, but Legacy or Outback transmissions start from 600. Plus I would need diff as well for facelift models; they have got different output ratio. So question is, if this is worth of 300-400€.

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I doubt the lengths will be spot on, but you may get lucky.

Ask around for a place that makes custom driveshafts near you. If the cost of shafts is going to make up the difference between a Forester and Outback transmission, then get the Outback/Legacy trans and save the headache.

If it is much less, the get the trans and try. Worst case you now have one-off CVs that you have to rebuild ‘coz they’re not readily available.

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Could try asking around on subaruoutback.org

That sight has a larger membership as it is far more inclusive of the NA cars than here, where 98% of owners have a GT (or two...).

Suspension is similar, and parts of the driveline, but the cars are really pretty different and there just isn't as much specific expertise on the 2.5i in general. As in, we know about them, and plenty of general knowledge about cars, but I suspect you're more likely to find someone that may have swapped a Forester trans into a 2.5i over there than here.


It also came to me that if you find the right Forester trans, the front CVs will be male on both ends just like your Outback ones. Maybe look around for a different Forester trans if they are cheaper. Someone around here found out their car has an NA Forester trans in their car that doesn't really belong, but it's working for now anyway, so the swap can definitely be done.

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