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Yonaka Motorsport Axleback

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Anyone running these? I just picked up a set to replace my old original mufflers that are rusting away at the flanges. Went with these since I already have a TurboXS downpipe and perrin mid pipe, so no need for a full cat back and just Axlebacks are slim pickings nowadays. Had been holding out for a set of prodrives but gave up. 

Will hopefully be installing tomorrow. 






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My just picked the car up from the shop as new flages needed to be done on the y-pipe. 

So far I'm happy, but it was only a short drive home. Will have to see how drone is on the highway, and under fill throttle. 


Can't comment on installation fitment since the shop I stalled and had to redo the flanges on the Y-pipe since they rusted to hell. 

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