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Crank no start

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I am new here, have a 2000 Legacy  L wagon. Drove to work Friday, drove to a store at lunchtime, came out to a crank no start. I have no CEL when the key is run and no power to the DLC. Having a rough time finding wiring diagrams.

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One step is a good solid attempt at start followed by a quick spark plug pull to see if it is wet with fuel.

Long shot to call it through the net on so little info, but reminds me of the time my coil died.  Simple and cheap fix if that is the problem, but do some testing.  I used a scrap of wire and pulled a brake light bulb to verify the spark impulse at the ignitor together with the wet plugs and was confident to walk over and get a coil.  I did have phone support to a friend who could call out pin numbers for the tests, pre internet on phones...  After the swap it started right up.

I'm not sure what or why that coil died, but from go to absolutely no spark in an instant.


OTOH, the time my fuel pump died it sorta sputtered for a while before quitting, and then attempts to start would cough and sputter since plenty of spark, but only enough fuel to fire about 1 out of 8 compressions.


But first we have to verify fuel and spark.

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When the key is on and engine is off, is your check engine light illuminated? if not it should be. might just be the bulb, but this is an indicator that the ECM is functioning and potentially the scan tool you're using isn't working. Has this scan tool communicated with the car before?

Sometimes I really have to wiggle and push the scan tool connector in the obd2 port for it to connect to my 2001.

My best guess is that the coil pack or a crank/cam sensor gave up. If you get the scan tool to connect look at live data while cranking and see if an RPM is registering, this would indicate the crank/cam sensors are okay.

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The scan tool is a Snap-On Solus Edgewith the latest updates, never had an issue before. There is no power at the DLC and no CEL with the key in the run position. All of this stuff worked when I drove it to the store. So my question is where does the DLC and ECU get thier power? I can't find a good wiring diagram and I don't have access to Alldata.

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