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Spec B Wheels


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I think the spec B wheels are absolutely stunning, and they go with the LGT more than I've ever seen before...

However, the stock spec B wheel is 18X7, but I am looking for 18X8...

Is there by any chance that these wheels come in a larger width? Maybe

out of Japan or something?

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BBS STi rims from Japan


18x8 but in 5x114.3 bolt pattern only...


17x7.5 in 5x100 bolt pattern only


these come in 18x7.5 5x100 as well ;) They are cast and about $400/each.

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If you like the 3.0R 7-spoke style, check out the ASA JH3 model which are available through TireRack in bright satin silver for $209 each in 18x8 size. Proper offset and hub spacing too. :)


If you want something based on the 2.0GT's Spec B wheels, I'd suggest the Rota Tarmac II's. That's what I have in 18x7.5" size.

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