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Check engine light brake light traction control light and oil temp light are on

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I have a 2008 Subaru legacy 2.5 l that all of a sudden the check engine light oil temp light cruise control light the shifter manual shifter knobs don't work as well as the brake light flashes and the oil temp light is on I put it on a diagnostic it told me some codes something about the transmission and the brakes please need assistance 

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Probably best to file this under the Electrical section, or in the 4th Gen Legacy folder.

Is this for a GT or a 2.5i?

Similar, but different cars entirely, really. If it is for the 2.5i, you'll get some help here, but probably better off heading over to subaruoutback.org (IF you have the 2.5i, then your car is 90% identical to an Outback, different only in the suspension.... and there is a LOT more information on the naturally aspirated cars over there....)

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