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apalileo's 2007 spec.B

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Welcome to the forum! Nice to see another member sharing their car. That’s minty, plus it’s in Cali which is nice. I feel kinda bad for mine…kinda same deal. Bought I mine with 56k mikes on it (05 LGT wagon), AT. Now it sits outside and gets exposed to salt as a daily…plus my kids. Trying to take care of it but in some ways starting to show its age. Hoping to park it the garage this summer and give it a bit of a break. It’s got 91k on it now but at least it’s being driven. Curious how you got the camera to work with I’m guessing is the oem nav system? That’s one thing I’d like to do to mine. Also read your other thread…car is nicely done, like the list of things that’s been done to it!

ps-nice to see the the positive feedback on the auction, thanks for sharing the link. Good to see there’s still love for these cars. This was on of my favorites:


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Minty Spec B. Congrats on winning the auction. Since I have a dgm wagon, in CA, w STI pinks and jdm Bilsteins,  I salute your taste in mods. Keep on posting this beauty. 

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@SoobyDoobyDoo Thanks for the warm welcome! I really did luck out with this one. Spoiled all its life and sparingly modded before I acquired it. I'm definitely going to be putting more miles on it than the previous owners, but will be sure to keep up with the maintenance.

For the backup camera with navi, I followed this post: https://www.legacygt.com/topic/112037-backup-camera-walk-through-4th-gen-w-nav/ and installed a camera I bought on Amazon.

I feel like those who know, know... and it showed in the comments during this car's auction.


@Fenrir1 Thanks, I actually referenced your thread while making my own decisions, so I appreciate you documenting yours so well!


@Kojak Much appreciated! Can't go wrong with this suspension combo! I was tempted for a moment to go coilovers, but I didn't want to take the B out of the spec.B!


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