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Custom VF54 in Stealth Black

Brand new Inconel turbine/shaft assembly

Brand new Forged billet extended tip custom 11 blade compressor wheel-20%+ over stock setup and MUCH quicker spool than stock

Complete turbine/shaft/compressor wheel dual plane dynamically balanced

Upgraded and modified journal bearings

Upgraded and modified thrust plates and bearings

Upgraded piston ring oil seals.

NOTE: You will need to use your existing coolant lines and oil drain line from your existing turbo.  Before installing the oil drain, you will need to make sure and sand the flange flat on a piece of sandpaper glued to a piece of glass.  If you don't do this, it could leak. 

Complete turbo installation instructions and I'm available for questions and advice during installation and break in.

The pricing on this is set right at $825.00  $775.00  shipped to your door in the CONUS.  I ship using FedEx and I text a copy of the tracking information immediately upon shipment and follow up with texts to make sure arrival is without issue.

If you've been considering purchasing a new VF54 from Subaru, you'll spend upwards of $1300.00 and that will get you a completely stock unit with the journal bearings that fail, piston ring seals that don't seal very well, and thrust plates that allow forward and back movement. And that's not to mention a cast 6 by 1/2 6 blade wheel that's heavy and slow to spool.

Think about this one if you are looking. You won't be disappointed.  I don't know if I'll ever build another of these.

You can check me out in the 4th Gen forums if you're not familiar with my turbos.

I'm not on the forums as much as I used to be, so I'll be checking 3-4 times per week.  Please don't hesitate to PM me and I'll get notification of that on my phone.  This is first come, first serve and I'll honor the first person to inquire with wish to purchase.

Thanks much for looking.


Custom VF54 1.jpg

Custom VF54 2.jpg

Custom VF54 3.jpg

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Lower pricing
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All these looks and not even a question?  Ask about my Custom versions in the 4th gen threads and I know you won't be disappointed in this. Easy installation and Cobb AP Stage II and you'll be pleasantly shocked. 

Please don't hesitate to PM me with questions. 

Thanks for looking

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  • JmP6889928 changed the title to Michigan: FOR SALE JMP Custom VF54 LOWERED PRICE

I went ahead and lowered the price on this, so if you're interested in it, please PM me as I'm curious as to how much stronger this will run versus the OE VF54.  I personally feel, based on the other turbos I build with these forged billet extended tip custom 11 blade compressor wheels (quite a few VF30/39/43/48/52 Custom styles), I think anyone who purchases this and puts a tune on it, is going to be completely surprised and absolutely ecstatic as to how much of an increase you get out of it.

Truly hoping someone will give this a try and if it's a rocket like I believe it will be, please keep me updated.



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