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Oil Analysis Lab Canada

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In case anyone else around here North of the border is looking to do UOAs, and like me doesn't feel like dealing with the added headache and cost of cross border shipping to Blackstone, I came across this as an option out of Toronto/Edmonton.


I spoke with Marc, the proprietor, (Amsoil agent, I don't really know how that particular thing works....) and he super-polite, took some time from his day to ask what I was looking for from the service to ensure that thay could provide the right results, etc...

They mail you the sample bottle, wrapping and forms, then you mail it on to the labs in Edmonton. Options for a pre-paid package or DIY.


For the record, I have no affiliation, just a good experience so far. I will post up things like turnaround time, and the results themselves from the UOA when I get them back. I hit ~5000 kms on the GT right at the end of driving season this year, so I'll get her good and warm and pull a sample for analysis. Now that she's all modded up, time to start keeping a closer eye on the vitals.

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