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Subaru Legacy GT 4th Gen - Tactrix vs OBD2 Reader (Checking errors and pulling car info)

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Hi All,

I am new here and hope all is well with everyone.

I had my secondary air pump blanked off at the point where the pump connects to the system. As well as the error codes disabled.

My original error was that Bank 2 was stuck open.

Ever since I got the error and even after the blank off my idle has been low just below 600rpm.

At the same time I had the blank off done the dealership replaced my timing belt and said they increased the timing advance.

I had an OBD2 bluetooth scanning (now faulty) and it picked up no errors after everything was done.

My question is there are 2 softwares that I see are needed for the Tactrix, Romraider and ECU flash, am I missing anything else?

Also would I be able to check for any codes/errors with the Tactrix Openport 2.0 as well as find out what was changed or meant by changing the timing advance?

If there are no errors how do I go about correcting the idle or bringing it back to 750rpm like it originally was?

Is there anything else I need to check that I can now check which I previously couldn't with the OBD2 scanner?

The entire air system has been removed and cleaned including the throttlebody. MAF has been replaces, upstream O2 sensor seems to be fine after being cleaned there were no changes in the idle.


I have a Subaru Legacy GT B 2007 2.5T completely stock.

Ok so I was able to log... I have attached the log in idle and with a few revs, the log states that the car is idling at 750rpm but on the dash it isn't showing that it is... idle is still poor though

thumbnail (4).jpg


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Update on progress
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