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Lowered outback wheel offset

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So I'm going to be lowering my daughter's outback after winter. I'm wondering what a good offset for flush wheel fitment would be. I currently run a +48 on my lgt and my wheels sit pretty flush. I'm worried about being flush on the wider body and rubbing the wheels. Pics are also welcome for her to see what wheel style she may like. Thanks!!!!


Pic of my car.for attention lol.


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Width and offset play together to determine where the wheel lip sits. A 7.5" wide, 42mm offset wheel would put the outside lip in pretty much the same place as an 8" wide 48mm offset wheel.

You definitely need to watch how low you go on an OB as a flush sidewall won't tuck behind the fender flare unless you do some cutting. 

18x8" ET40 with 225/40s and stock Legacy ride height is about as aggressive as I would try unless I was prepared to make extra clearance. IIRC, some have gone as far as 18x9" ET30 with 245/40s but they had some combination of taller ride height, out of spec negative camber and panel trimming.

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