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Door panel gap up top

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Got a new 2024 legacy limited. I see a larger than unusual gap between the top of the door panel and the window on the inside of evey door. Is this usual?? Is the door panel a tight fit up top or is there some wiggle room?

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If you take it back they will say "it's within tolerance"

I have a 2mm gap on the bottom of my drivers door between the rocker panel and the door.  Granted this is my daily driver Honda I got new.  They basically told me it was within spec.  When I pushed the issue they said they would fix it by replacing the door.  I opted not to do that since it was a brand new car.


Alot of dealerships are basically telling people to piss off with issues like this.  I own several brands of cars and I even see this at Audi and Lexus.

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