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AWE exhaust for LGT's? Please reply to this thread if you have interest


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I reached out to AWE regarding the potential for an upgraded exhaust for my gen 5 LGT.  John says basically no interest from the community.

So what about it?  Would anyone else here be interested in an AWE Touring or Race exhaust?

If so, please reply to this thread. This is for any model LGT, not just Gen 5.

This is not a solicitation to obligate anyone to purchase, or for a group buy.  Maybe a GB might be possible if enough are interested.


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5th Gen is a low-mount turbo, yes? Just curious and surprised there isn't much interest.

I was under the impression there is a lot less tuning support for 5th gen? Is this why there is less modification happening?

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I agree that not much supports us, but the 5th gen LGT can still be a powerhouse.  The turbo and fueling seems to be the biggest hurdles.

I have found that most 2015 WRX items fit our platform, but it takes real work to make them shine.

The exhaust and turbo system design is actually better than the older LGT, but is not very flexible to change based on what I've seen. If I was to do it over, I would have bought an '09.

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